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I know it has been a while since I posted some more stories and helpful hints about my talks with my girls in the car. May was such a crazy, busy time with school performances and end of the year activities. Thanks for being patient.

Well now that summer is in full swing, I have more times transporting my children to swim lessons. camps, vbs, etc… Lots of funny conversations happening in the car and lots more fighting amongst siblings as well. I have noticed that my oldest daughter has a lot less patience for her younger sisters than I previously thought. Often, she is trying to tell them how to act, feel, behave, etc… Which you can imagine creates not the most kind connections among my 3. So I have come up with a phrase I use when my children are being negative toward each other, ” I would never allow anyone to talk to you that way so you are not allowed to talk to someone else like that” and I have noticed since I use that phrase more with my oldest that she is starting to understand this. Of course, it may not stop her from being negative but it does get her to think about what she is doing and that is what I am trying to remind myself. that even if she does not stop this completely , I am reflecting to her how I respect her and how she can respect others with her words. ┬áSo moms out there remember that sometimes you do not immediately see changes with what you are enforcing , but just know that you are feeding your child some great skills in healthy connections with others. Until next time…

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sweet sisters
sweet sisters

Wow! I can’t believe I am creating this blog. I decided to start this blog because I often laugh at myself when thinking about the conversations I have with my 3 daughters in the car where I attempt to use my therapy skills on my own children, often creating some hilarious moments! I have this passion to constantly help my children socially connect with others even though I honestly struggle to connect with my own peers, so I guess it is the blind leading the blind:) Any hoo, sometimes the least chaotic times seem to be while I am driving my girls to and fro where they cannot escape my attempts to help them process their social life. At times, my attempts seem to escape through the cracked windows in the car and other times, they actually bring up some great conversations.
For example, just recently I was driving from school after picking up my oldest daughter and had my younger daughters there too and as always, I asked her who she played with at school and ate lunch with and low and behold she decided to share an observation she had where one of her peers was repeatedly being rejected by other classmates and she felt sad for this peer. So, of course, my therapeutic mind lit up!!! And I thought, okay!! time to process!!! So I asked my daughter some questions like,”what do you think she was feeling?”, “what would you do in that situation?” and “how could you help her?”, and i could not believe it!, my daughter actually responded!! My heart melted!! Now, these moments are rare and few and far between but boy do I cherish them and try to think on these moments when I have the not so successful “car talks”!! Now, my not so successful “car talks” include responses from my younger daughters such as “poo pee”, screaming at the top of their lungs, demanding food/drinks, rolling of the eyes, etc…
So I hope this blog will not only bring some laughter and connections, and to realize I do not have it together (and what does that really mean?:) and to maybe give some ideas for you moms out there on taking some of these moments with your kids as great opportunities to build healthy, honest connections!! Thanks for reading!!

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